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Pathfinders - School years 7 to 9 (ages 11-14) - Sundays at 9.30am and 11.00am, Friday evenings 7.30pm

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Pathfinders is our group for School years 7 to 9 (ages 11-14) with games, talks and Bible studies that enable Bible teaching on Sunday mornings (either during the 9:30am or 11am services). We have socials called "The Ridge" every Friday evening from 7:30pm to 9pm.

"The Ridge"

This normally takes place in the church lounge with drop-off at 7:30pm and pick up from parents at 9pm. The evenings are full of fun and activity; with themed evenings, silly and messy evenings involving cream, water, retrieving sweets, dressing up and lots of running around, as well as the favourite annual evenings such as "Fireworks!" "It's a Knockout" (with assault courses, bucking broncos and bouncy castles), "Water works" (with water bombs and a slippery slide) and "Sleepover"! 

There is a short Bible teaching spot of about 5-10 minutes at some point during each evening. Snacks of fizzy drinks, biscuits and crips are normally provided for the kids at the end. There are usually around 9 adults supervising; ensuring fun and safety for the kids. There is usually a short break from the program over Christmas, Easter and the Summer.

Contact Nick Drake for details about the Pathfinders programme.

Arrangements for Sunday morning meetings

We begin our meeting with the rest of the congregation in the main church building and after about ten minutes we leave to go to our separate room where we study the Bible, sing, pray, play games and so on in different age groups.

When there is Lord's Supper meeting at 9.30, the children go straight to their groups room without first going to the main church meeting.

Isobel Hill, 09/10/2011

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Sunday 20 April
2:00pmJapanese Worship @ Emmanuel Church
Sunday 20 April
6:00pmEvening meeting @ Emmanuel Church
Monday 21 April
1:00pmSenior's Lunch @ Church Lounge
Monday 21 April
2:00pmWomen's Meeting @ Church Lounge
Tuesday 22 April
1:00pmJapanese Ladies Bible Study @ Acorn Hall
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