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2. The cross and passover, Exodus 12
John Adams, 13/04/2014
4. The prisoner, Matthew 26:57-75
Rupert Shelley, 13/04/2014
1. The cross and covenant, Genesis 15
John Adams, 06/04/2014
3. The prayer, Matthew 26:36-56
Robin Weekes, 06/04/2014
13. Return and be healed, Hosea 14
Rupert Shelley, 30/03/2014
Emmanuel Term Card Winter Spring 2014

Our mission

Our mission is to glorify God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit by
  • Listening and responding to God's word obediently
  • Loving one another practically
  • Proclaiming Christ boldly

We believe that this Mission will be achieved by focusing on the following priority areas, individually and as a body:

Bible Teaching

The study and exposition of the Word of God is the catalyst for the ongoing transformation of individuals’ lives and of the church body as a whole. We are to apply the Word of God to every aspect of our lives, both private and public, individual and community, so that we live out and demonstrate the truth of the Gospel.

Prayer and Praise

Nothing can happen in our own strength: we must be a praising and praying church both in our lives and in our meetings, humbly dependent on the sovereign working of our gracious God.

Care and Support

We should love, care for and support each other within and across every part of the church fellowship. We believe small groups provide a helpful environment for this as well as for growth and life changing development through the study of God’s Word, prayer and close friendships.

Equipping and Training for Life and Service

God has given each one of us gifts that we need to identify, develop and exercise in His service. We are therefore committed to helping to discover those gifts. Through our work we aim to provide ongoing training for life and service at home, in the community, in our daily work, as well as for ministries in and through the church, in Emmanuel, this country and throughout the world.

Reaching Out

We are commanded to love our “neighbour” as ourselves. We are responsible for both demonstrating God’s love and to sharing the Good News of Jesus with those who are lost. We are therefore committed to loving service and unceasing witness to our "neighbours", all those around us with whom God has given us contact.

Sending Out

We are committed to the sending out of labourers into the worldwide harvest field. Our prayer is that there should be those from Emmanuel serving throughout the world.

Isobel Hill, 22/10/2011

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6:00pmEvening meeting @ Emmanuel Church
Monday 21 April
1:00pmSenior's Lunch @ Church Lounge
Monday 21 April
2:00pmWomen's Meeting @ Church Lounge
Tuesday 22 April
1:00pmJapanese Ladies Bible Study @ Acorn Hall
Wednesday 23 April
10:30amEnglish Conversation for... @ Acorn Hall
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