No holiday from the Gospel! 

This week the Weekes family are heading off on holiday for a couple of weeks. We're looking forward to it enormously and we're so grateful to God for the opportunity to go (and to those holding the fort at Emmanuel!). We're well aware that holidays are a gift not a right.


One of the things I will pack is this article by CJ Mahaney. I read it a few years back and it transformed the way I thought about holidays. Much to my selfish surprise, holidays are not about me being served but about me serving. In other words, a holiday is not a break from seeking to be like Jesus. I love the way that CJ Mahaney helps us to think Biblically about holidays, and so especially singles out husbands and fathers as the key to setting the tone for families on holidays.


So whether you're in Orleans or Orkney, Orlando or Orford - or stuck in the office - enjoy God, His creation, and those family and friends He has given you to enjoy it with. Enjoy your holiday if you are getting one, But don't take a holiday from the gospel! And please pray that I don't either, and that this article would be true of me as I serve my family on holiday.

Robin Weekes, 05/08/2014