20 Years in the Making: Bringing the Gospel to Mozambique 


Sunday 12 October was a great opportunity for Emmanuel to celebrate the privilege of supporting those who serve the gospel overseas. We were able to dedicate and give thanks for the Makonde translation of the New Testament (and parts of the OT), which has been the work of Benjie and Rhoda Leach for more than 20 years in Northern Mozambique. 
Do enjoy again this video of the July celebrations in Mueda when almost 3,000 copies were sold and continue to pray that these might be used in teaching and discipling the many folk who live on the Makonde Plateau and are eager fully to understand God's word, now in their own language.
Andy Lines (Mission Director of Crosslinks) preached at each Sunday meeting and gave us four clear characteristics for a missionary church - from Romans 15 - giving us a framework for being effective partners to our friends who are devoting their lives to advancing the gospel overseas:
1. A missionary church proclaims the gospel
2. A missionary church reaches the unreached
3. A missionary church shows generous solidarity
4. A missionary church partners with solidarity in prayer

Listen to Andy's full sermon from Romans 15: 14-33 here and work out how you can be partners in taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. 

Stephen Lawes, 15/10/2014