One promise, two books and a course to help us slay lust

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Continuing our series in the Sermon on the Mount, yesterday we were in Matthew 5:27-30 where Jesus calls us to wage war on our lustful eyes and hearts. You can listen to the sermon here.

In the sermon I highlighted one promise, two books and one course to help us in our Spirit-empowered mortification. Here they are:

1 Promise:

In Matthew 5:8 Jesus says, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Can you think of any greater promise with which to fight the false promises which sexual temptation makes to us? Strive to be pure in heart this week, because if we are, we will see God.

2 Books:

I flagged up the following:

Captured by a Better Vision - Living Porn-Free by Tim Chester
Purity Is Possible by Helen Thorne

Both are available on the Emmanuel bookstall as well as online. At the risk of generalistion, Chester's book is good for blokes and Thorne's book is good for ladies!

1 Course:

If you attend Emmanuel, why not sign up for the 'We can change' stream of the Lent Bible School, starting on 25th February? Whilst it is looking at struggles more generally, it will help us to apply the gospel to fighting sin in our lives, including sexual sin.

Robin Weekes, 02/02/2015