Emmanuel on the Appstore! 

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 2158Wouldn't you appreciate an easy-to-use, easy-to-transport, easy-to-search, easy-to-share solution for listening to Emmanuel sermons? How about if it also shipped with quick access to our church calendar? And if you could access our regular blog posts with a simple tap from there as well? Wouldn't that be brilliant? How about if you could get this not just on swanky iphones  and ipads but on any android phone or tablet too? And just imagine if it were free as well!
If the above sounds too good, then dream no more! Emmanuel now has an App packed with useful features:

  • Listen to any of our Sunday sermons going back more than a decade.
  • Search for talks by speaker or by Bible passage - really useful if you're preparing to teach on a passage yourself and you need some help to get started.
  • Easily download your choice of sermons so that you can access them anytime anywhere even if you're offline.
  • See what events are coming up at church on a simple calendar.
  • Get a constantly updated feed of articles from our blog without needing to hunt them down via google / the website.

To get the app just follow the appropriate button below. If you want to get here quickly on your phone or tablet, go to bit.ly/emmawimapp on your device.

John Adams, 07/02/2015