Double Dutch in the Church of England: Navigating Church-Speak for the newcomer  

Mystified by the state of the diocese? "Synod" sound odd? Wondering whether flying bishops have wings? Fearful of hearing a canon preach? As with every ancient institution talk of the Church of England inevitably requires an understanding of all sorts of unique and unfamiliar terminology. Whilst we may rightly feel that every effort should be made to avoid "church-speak" in church for the sake of welcoming outsiders, nevertheless, particularly at this time of turmoil in the Church of England, it is good for all of us to understand events in the wider church. It's our church!
To do that, we'll be posting a few things on the blog to help you.
Amongst other things, we have to learn the language. So here's a starter for ten: the Church of England glossary. Have a go at 'diocese', 'synod', 'laity' and 'canon'.

John Adams, 09/02/2015