Fifty Shades of Nay


To see, or not to see? That is the question before us as Fifty Shades of Grey is released in cinemas this weekend. The book has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, and many, I'm sure, will consider seeing the film too.

If you're not sure what the film is about, then a brief overview, taken from the Christian blog Ruby in the Rough explains:


Ana Steele, a naive virgin, meets billionaire Christian Grey through being asked to interview him. He is charismatic, strong, manly, successful, powerful and good looking. In time, Christian informs Ana that he wants to be with her but she must sign an agreement that forbids her to discuss anything they do together. She agrees and finds out he is into erotic practices involving discipline, dominance, pain and control. Ana begins a relationship with him…

If you're tempted to see this film, and wondering whether a bit of sexual dominance and violence is really such a bad thing, please do read this very helpful article from John Piper. Let's allow the wisdom of Scripture to inform our decisions and shape our choices.

Sarah Hall, 11/02/2015