Sacrilege in Southwark


Last night at the prayer meeting I asked us to pray for yet more disturbing events in our Diocese. Earlier this week Giles Goddard, Vicar of St John's Waterloo and a Canon of the Cathedral posted a clip of inclusive worship at his church where Muslims are involved. You can watch it here (please watch to the end where Giles says that we all love and worship the same God/Allah).

Andrew Symes has commented on this very helpfully here.

Please do pray for me and others as we seek to respond to this. I have written to the Bishop of Kingston in whose episcopal area both St John's and Emmanuel are located, asking him what action he will take. Please pray that he will uphold the promise he made at his consecration to "drive away all false and strange doctrines that are contrary to God’s word". 


Robin Weekes, 12/03/2015