Too good to share... 

Most books about how to share the gospel begin with an apology about writing another book on how to share the gospel. Actually, there’s not that many of them. I guess the writers apologise because they feel their tips and advice are not up to the task of saving souls. They’re afraid the book won’t do the job. Not that God can’t do the job. The difficulty is me -- the difficulty is in trying to overcome my reluctance with tips and advice. That’s what most writers have figured out. Even if I read the book, I’ll be reluctant to even try sharing the gospel – most Christians are. I just know I'll feel all uncomfrotable.

So why did they bother to publish it? For the same reason the apostle Paul said he would rather be suffering in prison than living comfortably if it meant more people got to hear about Jesus. We might be reluctant, but sharing the gospel saves lives. So I need that book. I need to learn to share the gospel. And my non-Christian neighbour/friend/colleague/ needs me to read it. Recently, I’ve enjoyed and been helped by Out of the Saltshaker and into the World by Rebecca Manley Pippert and Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman.

But what if you don’t like reading? What if you’d rather spend a couple of hours face to face with an expert? Then come along to church (Acorn Hall) this Saturday morning from 10-12.30 and let Ziggy Rogoff woo you away from the comfortable life and equip you to bring lost souls to life. But maybe, like me, you’re reluctant even to do that. You’re busy. Saturdays are precious. You’d quite like not to meet your work colleagues in heaven…

But then I remind myself that Jesus died to make salvation possible. And then he gave the message of his death to me. What will I say when he asks me what I’ve done with it?

Ziggy will be joining us from 10am-12.30pm this Saturday 9th May in the Acorn Hall.

Jake Mercer, 06/05/2015