Song of Solomon: Books for Application


Song of Solomon

On Sunday mornings we’re working our way through the Song of Solomon under the title ‘Purity and Passion’. Like every book of the Bible, it’s ultimately a book about Jesus which is why it’s great to read and preach.

It’s also a book which promotes good marriages (including physical intimacy) and good friendships (including spiritual intimacy).
Here are some books which may help us apply the book to those two areas of life:
The Plausibility Problem, Ed Shaw
I am recommending this book to everyone! We’re working through it as a staff team, and it’s simply excellent. Whilst the subtitle is ‘the church and same-sex attraction’ (and written by someone who is attracted to people of the same sex), it’s a book that helps us realise that when God calls single people to purity and celibacy, that is both plausible and good. It’s a must read.
True Friendship, Vaughan Roberts
We gave this out little book as a gift to all who came to the Lent Bible School last year. If you’ve lost your copy it's time to dig it out! It’s a great read on how to do friendship well—something we all need whether we’re married or not.
The Heart of Singleness, Andrea Trevenna
Andrea used to be a member of Emmanuel and is now the women’s worker at St Nicholas, Sevenoaks. This is the best book on singleness I have read and captures how and why the Bible is positive about remaining unmarried in this world.
Date Your Wife, Justin Buzzard
If you can get over some of the Americanisms, this is a helpful book to encourage husbands to woo and pursue our wives like we did before we got married. And to do it for the rest of our lives. So many marriages flounder because we husbands fail to take the initiative in marriage as we should. This short book is full of why to do that and how to do that.
And Then He Knew Her, Adrian and Celia Reynolds
A new book just out by the Ministry Director of the Proclamation Trust and his wife. As one of the commendations reads: "When it comes to thinking about God's good gift of sexual intimacy we can choose to drink from the springs of living water or from the cracked cisterns of the world. This book is a helpful and honest way of drinking from the former. A great introduction for those who don't know what God has to say about His good gift. And a profitable reminder for those who have already searched the Scriptures."
Sheet Music, Dr Kevin Leman
The Song of Solomon is a call to purity for those who are not married and a call to passion for those who are. This book will help married couples know how to have a passionate marriage. Like the Song of Solomon, this book is not prudish, and at times expliciit—yet in an edifying and appropriate way.
Tolle, lege!

Robin Weekes, 12/05/2015