Purity and Passion in a Sexually Confused World


Yesterday we finished a seven-week sermon series in the Song of Songs. There may be some who will breathing a sigh of relief this morning! But even as we finish this series, it is vital that we don’t just move on to the next series without applying the truths that we have learnt from this under-preached part of God’s word.
To that end we are having a seminar to which the whole church is invited on Wednesday 1st July at 8pm. Picking up on the twin themes of purity and passion in the book, we’re calling the seminar, “Purity and passion in a sexually confused world”. I reckon this is an issue which effects all of us – younger or older, married or not. It would be a great thing to see the church full that night, and parents, we’re welcome to bring older children if we’d like to.
We’ll start all together before breaking into two groups. Those who are married will be thinking practically about remaining pure in marriage by being passionate. Those who are not married will be thinking practically about remaining pure. Along the way we will look at things which threaten our sexual purity like pornography, and how as Christians we can fight sexual temptation.
We will do all that we can to make this seminar honest and practical but without being embarrassing or putting anyone on the spot. We’ll also have some books available to buy so please bring some money!
The seminar will be predicated on the assumption that everyone has heard the 7 sermons on the Song of Songs. If you missed some or all of them, you can catch up 1st July on the Emmanuel website or app.
Please save the date and come and join us.

Robin Weekes, 01/06/2015