Tolle, lege!

Tolle, lege! (Take up and read!)
The summer months can provide some of us with some down time, even some holiday - which gives us an opportunity to do some reading. I’m encouraging those who enjoy reading to read two books over the summer, and those who aren’t massive readers to read one book.
But what to read? I’m assuming here that we’re reading our Bibles regularly. Don’t read anything if you’re not reading your Bible! But as well as our Bibles, here are some suggestions I plugged in church yesterday. Most of them are on the bookstall
Real Life Jesus by Mike Cain. Ideal for those who are not yet persuaded by how brilliant and necessary Jesus is.
Two books on the cross
Why did Jesus have to die? by Marcus Nodder
Passion: How Christ's final day changes your everyday by Mike McKinley
Two books on the Bible
Can I really trust the Bible? by Barry Cooper
Taking God at his Word by Kevin DeYoung
Some books looking at particular issues
The heart of singleness by Andrea Trevenna
Washed and Waiting: reflections on Christian faithfulness and homosexuality by Wesley Hill
Given them grace: dazzling your kids with the love of Jesus by Elyse Fitzpatrick
Sheet Music: uncovering the secrets of sexual intimacy in marriage Kevin Leman
An encouraging biography
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi
And if you want something a bit more stretching, and a taste of our home and away church weekend speaker, why not try His love endures forever by Garry Williams
Why not agree to read the same book as a friend at church or someone in your small group? And then meet up for a coffee to discuss and pray in what you learnt.
Tolle, lege! (Take up and read!)

Robin Weekes, 14/07/2015