Listen to our sermon series on living the Covenant Life


This morning we finished a 4 week sermon series called 'Covenant Life' based in four chapters of Deuteronomy. I'd love to encourage the whole church family to listen to these sermons. Not because they are particularly good, but because they address some important areas of our life together as a church which we don't often address. Whether you come in the morning and missed one, or whether you come in the evening and missed them all, please do have a listen.

Here are some of the questions the series addresses:

With what kind of love does God love His people?
To find our listen to this sermon called Covenant love from Deuteronomy 7.

What is God's purpose in giving us Baptism and the Lord's Supper?
Why do we baptise infants at Emmanuel where one or more of the parents are Christians?
Discover why Emmanuel is committed to 'signs and wonders' by listening to this sermon Covenant signs from Deuteronomy 10.

What is the place of children in church life?
Why should we initiate and integrate covenant kids?
Find out by listening to this sermon Covenant kids from Deuteronomy 6.
This sermon will help those of us who are coming to the parents evening on Monday 16th November.

What is the main reason we come to church on Sunday?
Why should we be in church every Sunday and how should we prepare for our weekly gathering?
Listen to this sermon on Covenant renewal from Deuteronomy 29.

Listening to all 4 sermons will take us less time than watching the new Bond film or Strictly Come Dancing. If you have some extra time because of half term or can download them on the brilliant Emmanuel app and listen on your way to work or in the gym, I'd love us all to learn together about some aspects of our covenant life together.
Robin Weekes, 26/10/2015