Summer Reading


The summer is often a good time to get some reading done. Here are a few recommendations.

The Bible! Don’t read any Christian book if you’re not regularly reading the best Book…

Why Did Jesus Have to Die? by Marcus Nodder is very short and readable, and ideal for those who aren’t big readers. Teenagers would enjoy this, and it’s also a great book to give away.
Also in the Good Book Company’s excellent series ‘Questions People Ask’ is Why Bother With Church? by Sam Allberry. Again, very accessible and an excellent encouragement to love what Jesus loves.
Marriage Matters by Winston Smith is a book which has just been recommended to me, and which I hope to read with Ursula this summer. It looks ideal for those preparing to get married, those who are recently married, or who have been married for ages. A great way to invest in marriage.
Why the Reformation Still Matters by Michael Reeves and Tim Chester is an important book given that next year is the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation. Given that many people are saying either that the Reformation was a mistake or that it is over, this timely book shows why the Biblical truths that Luther, Calvin, Cranmer and others preached and lived still matter very much.
Praying the Bible by Don Whitney has been lent to me by Phil Keen. If, like me, you’re eager to invigorate your prayer life, this could be a great way of helping you do that.
God’s Good Design by Claire Smith is an excellent book on how God has made men and women both equal in worth in different in role. She exegetes faithfully the key New Testament passages that address this issue, and applies them carefully to marriage and the local church. There’s a lot of confusion around on this issue, and this book clears much of it up.
If you want to read other things and have specific topics in mind, do have a word with me and I'll be happy to recommend something!

Robin Weekes, 15/07/2016