Sunday School - Age 3 to School year 3 (ages 3-7) - Sundays at 9.30am and 11.00am


A programme of songs, activities and Bible stories. Sunday School runs every Sunday at the 9:30am and 11:00am meetings.


The 9:30am Sunday School is run by Tim Thornborough.

The 11:00am groups are run by Steve Lawes and is sub-divided by age group:


- 3 year olds: Rabbits
- 4 year olds: Bears
- 5 year olds: Hippos
- 6 year olds: Zebras
- 7 year olds: Giraffes


Please contact Tim Thornborough or Steve Lawes for more information on Sunday School.


Arrangements for Sunday morning meetings

We begin our meeting with the rest of the congregation in the main church building and after about ten minutes we leave to go to our separate room where we study the Bible, sing, pray, play games and so on in different age groups.

When there is Lord's Supper meeting at 9.30, the children go straight to their groups room without first going to the main church meeting.


Isobel Hill, 09/10/2011